Help please! Killing the Yakuza dude
  • Hi, i'm having trouble passing the mission where you have to steal a Cartel Truck and drive to the top floor of the parking building,and kill a Yakuza guy. You can't get out of the truck, so all you can do is run them over with car, but all the guys are firing at you. I can kill the guy, but when i try to scape, they keep destroying my Cartel truck, so the mission ends because they found out who you are.

    Can anyone give me some tips of how to pass that mission?

    Thank you very much
  • This one took me a couple of goes (maybe a few more...). When your on the roof, drive up to the tope level where the guys are. Before turning to face everyone, hold L1 or R1 (depending in which side you've come up from) to look out the window towards everyone. By now they will be coming towards you so hold circle to start shooting, while moving forwards and backwards to make sure you hit everyone. Once you've killed a few people, go straight for the guy (forgot his name) and run him over, then once he's dead, drive down through the carpark. It's not that hard, just be patient and keep trying.

    Good Luck!
  • Yea I tried this mission a couple of times myself. I drove up on the right side and just went straight into the dude to kill him then drove (as quick as possible) down the ramp the other side. I found I didnt have too kill all of them just the main dude. Once you start driving down the other side they will stop shooting at you. Then you need to get out of the parking garage and ditch the car. They will tell you when it is safe to ditch the car.

    I must say KiLLa's idea sounds cool too.
  • Thanks guys, i'll give it a try.
  • I thought you had to press R2 and L2 to do drive bye's Killa.

    Well yeah what killa did is basically what I did.
    I just ramed the leader then started to shoot at them with my uzi in my car.
  • Thanks guys, i finally pass that mission. i just ran over the guy and scape as quickly as i could.
  • Just for the record, yeah you do press R2/L2, I went on holiday for 10 days and forgot everything because all my cousin had was THPS3. On a side note, when i came back to GTA3, the framerate looked a little slow in comparison to the silky smooth THPS3.