• Any tips for this one, it becomes a bit of a brawl when the cops come for ya.

    I find that witha
  • BOOYAKASHA!!! just use this cheat to blow up all cars, just stay as far away from a car as possible.

    L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, T, S, C, T, L2, L1 , and there u go!

  • Thanks rhyno, but I prefer to play without cheats at least the first time through.

    After spending $120 on a game I am not about to rush through it, know what I mean? I would rather know that I beat the game at its own game at least once.

    I did this now anyway, with a stinger and without a cheat. I guess perseverance does pay off!
  • Break out the Enforcer!