Cant find amu-nation on staunton island?
  • The title says it all. WHERE IS AMU-NATION??????
    I have driven all over the stinkin place! HELP!!!!

  • Maps of the 3 islands come with the game (well it did with my game) and you said you've searched all over well if you haven't found it yet then you haven't searched all over :D

    Good luck on the search but you should of got maps when you bought the game.
  • its up a block from the multistory car park - near the bridge back to Portland
  • The best directions i can think of off the top of my head are...:
    turn right out of your safehouse
    turn left through the sidewalk place w/ trees
    then turn right on to the road past the car lot
    then go past the intersection then i thiiink its on the left right there.
    If not i guess look in your map.
  • its on your first left from portland off of the bridge just a bit away from parking garage :2silly: