• can someone please help me. i'm at a point in the game where the only 2 mission to do are the ones where you destroy the espesso stands or drive the decoy truck to lead the cops away. i can't beat either mission so does anyone have any tips on them?
  • I am battling with the decoy mission myself and came damn close, I rolled my truck with 20 secomds left to go ..... and then got rolled on by a tank!

    The best way I found, although I have not beatten i yet, is to get ready before you take the mission. I spent 5 minutes with a banshee, clearing my path.

    You will find that when you pick up the truck, 2x enforcers and a cop car come down the hill behind you 1x enforcer and a car from the left, downwill. and there are 2x enforcers and a car at the bottom of the hill waiting for you.

    this makes for a demolishion derby when the fun starts, so I blew them all up before I took the mission, a few well placed grenades, or even pull up and spray drive by style until all the vans are flaming wrecks. You will quickly run up to 3 stars but the cop cars that are on poiunt will not move until the mission starts. so just blow em up and go to pay and spray, takes about 3 or 4 trips but it is worthwhile (and fun).

    Personally I only blew up the enforcers as the cars cannot really do anything to you and it is more fun watching them bounce off you on the highway, off bridges etc etc...

    I found that doing this when I made a dash, even with 6 stars there is little pressure. When you dash, run downhill, the truck is too slow uphill and downhill will take you right back to the bridge. I made it all the way back to Staunton Island, the cops bounce off you and the helicopter and tanks were nowhere to be seen, I assume they would quickly catch up if you stood still though.
  • For the espresso - the only advice i can give (as in my earlier post) is to do your homework and recon all the sites first before knocking off the first one and starting the timer. I can't remember decoy that well - i must have got lucky and just did some serious hardcore driving and got away with it first time. I don'y know if its based on distance driven or time - if it turns out to be time, just drive up into the multi storey car park or somewhere else the cops don't follow and sit it out - other than that - i've recently started a new game, so i'll be up to that point again real soon - maybe i can give ya something more constructive then
  • Hey fella

    Ignore Gideon ... ( I do
  • for the decoy mission go straight to the tunnel and keep driving, dont stop for anything, the cops arent as likely to get to u in the tunnel.
  • I did this last night like I said, blew up the two vans at the bottom of the hill and then went for gold........

    I drove over the bridge to staunton, which is good cause if you have some heat at the other end you can push the cops of the bridge on the long left turn...you know the one.

    I then headed over the callaghan bridge all the way to portland, mission accompished stars disapeared I rolled into the import/export garage to deliver the armour car which is on their list... failing that you can drop it off at the other garage that breaks arour cars and get $5k for it.......

    nuff said.
  • Here is my advice and I have beaten the game 4 times. Expresso 2 Go you must use the bulletproof patiort you get from ray for at least most of the mission. Avoid crashing! Scout out the places and then do portland last of the scouting. When you get to the one in Saint Marks, nail it and hit the other stand in Trenton I think and then head to Staunton and take out those 5 and then head to ssv. If you drive carefully, you should have little problem with the mission if you've scouted ahead.
    With decoy, the best way to do it is drive as fast as possible to the nearby airport. I know
  • When you arrive at the location of the van for the decoy mission in Shoreside Vale, you will notice that there are SWAT cars and police cars all around the van area. Simply use a Rocket Launcher to blow up all police vehicles around the area. Then, use the "No wanted level" code. Use this until all police cars that are just sitting there have been destroyed. You still will be tracked by police helicopters and new policemen, but this will make the mission much easier. You can also bang up ur car till it chaches on fire and park it next to the police cars. "A home made bomb." :2devilish:

    If you can get away from most of the cop cars and get on to Cochran Dam, only one cop car and the two helicopters will be on you. Stay up there and drive in circles to avoid getting hit by the cop.

    After this mission u still have the securticar. I used it for the import-export garage.
  • for the expresso to go mission do not go to the first stand. Drive around town until all of the nine stands have shown up on the map -- some are in Shoreside Vale. When you hit the first stand, the eight minutes will start and you now have that time to just destroy the stands instead of looking for them while the timer is running. You should finish the mission with plenty of time remaining. :idea: