Since update to 2.20 can't connect
  • I updated to 2.20 this morning everything went fine..
    Now it just sits there waiting for palyers in Call Of Duty 4..??
    All my other wireless stuff works fine, Video/music and photo streaming..
    Anyone else having this issue??
  • It's more likely an issue with the CoD4 servers themselves rather than the update.
  • Thanks for replying..
    I'll keep checking later..
    Thanks again..
    One more thing not related..
    I am using Tversity for my media streaming..
    I dumped Media Player 11, as it did not play .avi and some of my music did not show up..
    Tversity plays everything and more, but having an issue with sound..
    I installed the latest FFdshow and AC3filter, but some of my movie sound garbled while others play fine..
    Is there some settings I need to change inside FFdshow or AC3 Filter??
  • That is more than i can tell you- I haven't used either of those before. You could have a look but the problem may be in the movie files themselves.