network access code psp 1003
  • i have a psp 1003 but no network access code in box or no red pieace of paper for to get a handle and passwork. I've email playstation but still waiting and its really pis*ing me off not being able to get a handle for online games so if any can help me or have an unused one i could have i'd really appriecate it thnx my email address is [email][/email] thnx agen if ya can help...............
  • I'm doubting an e-mail will net you much more than a pre-formed "thank you for writing" sort of e-mail. You would get much faster results calling them on the phone. The number in the UK is 08705 99 88 77 and they are available from 8 am to 10 pm UK time on weekdays, 10 am to 6 pm weekends and holidays.
  • can you tell me where the network access code goes in the psp because i cant get the internet working on it we have wireless internet ect. but do u need the duo memory card because i think i lost that so can you plz help me my email is [email][/email] :)
  • Not too sure what you mean by the 'access code", matt- are you talking your router's encryption key?
  • elo network access code there isnt one only your access point will be encrypted(unless its an open network) with a WEP or WPA code witch is on your access point to the internet psp works via wireless unless u have a ps3 u can use a usb cable to access the net through your ps3(if its online). As for where u put the code in go to your browser select new conection and follow the instructions it will ask u wat encryption your access point uses put in the WEP/WPA code and away u go the new 3000 psp works the same way i have both :~D
  • were is the network access code its pissing me off psp slim and lite
    and if i call them it takes the bloody piss duration of time on the phone is bloody 20 minutues or more
  • Patience, Cory- if it wasn't included with your PSP then calling them will be your only option. This access code bit with Central Station was just done in the UK and Europe- we never did have this "system" in North America- so I can't say for sure just where it would be.