To kill or not to kill?
  • I have a problem with these two missions and am not sure which one to do first....
    On this first mission Kenji wants me to pick up all these Classic cars for his old freind, I did do this mission a few times but havn't got it yet.....

    Okey on this other mission Donald Love wants me to kill Kenji.
    Hummmmmm what do you think I should do first??

    This sounds stupid to me but... If I was to kill Kenji for Donald Love would this other mission disapear and I wouldn't be able to finish it??
    Until I know this I will contiune to try and finish Kenji's mission first.
    What do you think Gideon?

  • That does sound a bit stupid to me, but if i was you i would pick up the cars for Kenji first then do the mission where you have to kill him just to be on the safe side of things.
  • Thanks Evil
    I was pretty sure that was the right move to make.... I just wanted some input....
    So that will be my plan of attack to be on the safe side... :2devilish:
  • I agree. U would be skipping like 3 missions for kengi. so if u do kill him u might not beable to get 100% complete. because u have missed missions. if i were u save ur game in to files and try killing kengi. if it says u did more than 1 more mission after killing kengi than u should reload. like if u did 30 missions and u had 3 mission left for kengi and u kill him. if it says 31 than u should reload but if it says 34 than u should keep going. just a little example. good luck :thumbsup:
  • Well here's what I did. The first time I went through and played the game, I couldn't beat Grand Theft Auto for Kenji so I killed him and finished the game without 100%. The second go around, I tried and tried on kenji and finally did the mission. So my advice is do whatever you want to if you plan to go a second time. If not and you want 100% on your 1 and only go around, then you definitely have to do Kenji's missions. but you still advance to ssv if you kill kenji before finishing him
  • Thanks for the help guys!
    I am still trying to do Do GTA for Kenji ( which is hard )
    but my problem with this is after I get the first car I can't find the right garage door to put it in.....
    Looking at the map I am right on top of it but still can't find it.. :mad:
  • the garage door to use is the second one right of the pay n spray
  • Thanks moforiot!
    I will give it a try tomorrow night... :thumbsup:
    I didn't know it was above me all this time.. :laugh3:
  • The best way to take out Kenji, when you do, is to go over the limos run him over and then take the ramp off of the building and then just get out of there and don't get out of the Cartel Cruiser until you see the mission passed come up or you'll have to do it all over again. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Well... if u have a game shark it makes it like a million times easier cus u can take off the mission time. and car damage that was the only way i could
  • Well I ended up killing kengi.... I just couldn't beat GTA so I finished off kengi instead :laugh3:

    You are right about killing off kengi Madhtr...
    That is how I did the mission too! I just ran him over and jumped off the parking garage.... :2devilish: