• When I do a rampage I save it first because when I die and go back to try again it is gone. So I am always reloading and it sucks. Are rampages gone for good if you fail or do they move to a different location? I hate reloading each time but I would hate it even more if I couldnt get 20 out of 20 rampages passed because I failed a few and they dissapeared for good.
  • There are 2 locations for each rampage in every city. If you fail one, it moves to its secondary location. If you fail it a second time - it will move back to its original position.

    So no need to worry about not being able to complete all of them. You can have as many attempts as you like.

  • Thanx Gideon, that makes my life a bit easier.
  • I thought they were gone for good thanks for the info. :cool: