Grand theft auto iii
  • hi all i just got grand theft auto III and i am stuck on mission #23... i get to this big boat and 8 ball tells me to shoot the first shot so i kill the two ppl on the bottom on the boat then i kill the ppl on top and i stop shooting, and 8 ball dies so please help me ppl
  • There are 6-7 people you have to shoot. First of all, make sure you're on the roof of the building closest to the ship. It makes it a lot easier, you'll be able to see all the guys on the ship.

    There are 2 on the dock, shoot them first. Then shoot the guys at the top of the ramp leading up to the ship.
    Move your aim to the right, you should see a few more guys around some boxes, i think there's 3. Take them out.

    That's all you have to do, 8-ball will do the rest. Good Luck! :thumbsup:
  • Hey Mikeyw8187,
    I had some problems with this mission myself and Gideon gave me the best help...
    What you do is take 8 ball down to the boat and let him get out and run to his hiding place. Then what you do is drive around the building to the front close to where you came in. There are some shipping container inside the gate to your right and go to them and get out and look around them... you will find a pill next to couple of containers, take it and run
  • thahks Worfsonofmog and killa it will take me longer to try this out couse my ps2 froze :cry: ooooooooo well that's life
  • there are actually 12 guys to kill and if you noticea couplke guys standing next to some red containers shoot the container and they shoul kil a couleof those extra pesky guys :2silly:
  • hi all i have a nother problem for ya to help me w/. I need help on stadin island where i have to dleaver the cars for the chinese man. sorry i dont know much i just play them lol...
  • you have to get the yakuza stinger i think and some other cars well you have one car just wait for people to tell you the rest happy finding cars
  • ok thanks that helped a lot now i got yet another one... in station island i answered the phone and i have to do a drive by shooting and i cant get across to the other side can you all help me again