Lego Star Wars II
  • Hi, My 6 year old son has only owned a play station since Christmas and has just lost all his saved Lego star wars II data on his memory card. He had unlocked all but 2 of the characters before he lost everything and now can't face doing it all over again. Is there anything he can do to bypass some levels? thanks
  • I don't blame him for not wanting to go through it again- that's a lot of playtime invested there.

    The only way he would be able to avoid doing it all over is by using a device such as the Action Replay Max and downloading a game save from someplace for that game. The majority of the available game saves out there that people put out to download use these (or other devices) to "zip" the file and can only be read by that.

    Other than that, if he has a friend that also plays the game he could grab a copy of that save onto his memory card using the copy ability of the memory card manager on the PS2.