Can't go online with sub-account - cod4
  • Hi. I created a sub-account for my younger brother. I have removed all restrictions, but still everytime he tries to log on to Call Of duty 4 online it says: "Online service is disabled on your playstation network account do to parental control restrictions". He can play Resistence Fall Of Man online, and also Call Of Duty 3 online. What is the problem?

    Thanks in advance

  • Try creating a separate main account instead of a subaccount (I think I was able to do that on mine) and make sure you use a different email address for the account. Also maybe try deleting the subaccount completely, rebooting the system and creating a new one. Good luck.
  • had same issue with cod4 myself then realised that it dosent matter and let my mates and brother just play on my profile.