• I need some good advice on the last mission.
  • ok i got your answer

    first you go to the mansion and you give them the money and what not then the cartels shoot at you so you leave and follow the copter to the damn then you have to get in there so you kill all the cartels, sniping shooting however, then you shoot the guy that is coming towaards you with the big ol, barracks army truck, after that the helicopter should be in the air or going up shoot it down with your trusty rocket launcher, then afte you have done that go up to the heli pad and kill the other cartels and kill asuka and go up to maria and the mission should be over the, it shows them walking away as a helicopter shows a getaway of ganststers well thats should help ya

    basically remember to shoot down the helicopter with your launcher and get maria shoot asuka!!! :thumbsup:
  • Sounds like that would require the ol' "all weapons" cheat....there has to be a way to do this without it...does an m16 take down that copter?
  • There is a rocket launcher up there laying around.
  • You should be able to pick-up a rocket launcher at Phills cassidy's army surplus located in Stauton Island by the stadium. Near the coast-line The tank will eventually appear there too.
  • [b]If you were able to get all hundred packages by this time in the game you would have a rocket launcher waiting for you at your hidout.. or you could find one at the one arm guys surplus yard..
    Hope this helps you somewhat..
  • yes you could shoot the helicopter donw with the m16 but ahh..... it would take a while i suggests you use the launcher :thumbsup:
  • Game Beaten....without one single cheat code, the man's way.
  • wow that was really detailed did i help you out at all? ???
  • No doubt...i didn't know i had to shoot down the copter...didn't see that rocket launcher...didn't even know if that was maria, or catalina running around up there...that's why I was getting frustrated...
  • the game actually ended when you beat this mission?
  • The game simply continues even if you have done all of the missions
  • yeah but one thing is that once you have wondered around the islands all of them you till cant quite complete the game i mean i have been playingthis game since Nov 2001 and im only 81% done man i still have aboout 5 missions to go but i cant find anymore i looked through all he nooks and cranies all i really have to find is the rst of the jumps i have about 17 and like 8 more rampages but i will never complete this game without any missions i mean dont get me wrong i competed the Main story line missions but i cant find anymore side misions. ???
  • Ya, I meant "time to start over again," as in it's time to go for 100% completion now...From the sounds of it,,that may be quite a challenge...
  • Yep, i did exactly the same thing with Turismo and never managed to finish it given the bast*rds in St Marks with their shotguns.

    If you are going to start again and go for the 100% - make sure you take the Purple Nine Glitch into consideration, or after many hours of gameplay you could find yourself swearing quite a lot when you realise you can never attain 100%.

  • is there a list of every level and sub-level? (i want to say 'side-quest' for some reason)
  • Damn, that pretty much gave me a headache...very informative though....
  • do you really get infinite run for a certain number of Taxi missions?[/b]

    I heard that to get infinite run, you had to get level 12 on the Ambulance missions. I cant stand driving them so have not tried it myself. (I think my highest level so far is 3 :mad:)
    If any one does manage it, tell me please, because i aint going to try it till i know its fact.
  • i'm thinking of starting over again.
  • you take out the helicopter becuse that girl hangs with miguel is in it