• finally finished this game, 100% completion

    Luigi's Levels

    Level 1: Luigi's Girls $1,500
    Level 2: Don't Spank ma bitch up $4,000
    Level 3: Drive Misty for me $1,000 (opens up Joey's Garage missions, phone outside Bitchin' Dog Food factory starts ringing)
    Level 4: Pump-Action Pimp $4,000 (Pistol becomes available at Ammu-Nation)
    Level 5: The Fuzz Ball $4,000 plus $2,000 bonus for 8 girls at the ball.

    Joey's Garage Levels

    Level 1: Mike Lips' Last Lunch $10,000
    Level 2: Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong $10,000
    Level 3: Van Heist $20,000 (El Burro's phone in Hepburn Heights starts ringing)
    Level 4: Cipriani's Chauffeur $3,000 (Tony's Levels become available; Uzi becomes availabe at Ammu-Nation; Any more Securicars you want cracked?
  • are you sure thses are all the missions? i have about 68-70 missions done and i dont think i can find anymore :(
  • i've done 73 out of 73 missions and finished most other missions, but still working on finding my last two Rampages.
  • i've done 73/73 missions, 20/20 Unique Jumps, 20/20 Rampages-*found them all! check the pinned topic about hidden packages*-100/100 Hidden Packages, 20 Vigilante missions on each island, 20 Firefighter missions on each island, got the Borgnine Taxi/100 Taxi missions, did all the Import/Export missions, saved 78 people and got to level 6 in the Paramedic missions.
  • god that hidden package list helped did it?

    good for you 99%.

    I only have like 86%

    I havent played the game since the beggining of spring break sad aint it :(

    ill be starting the game over in the summer
  • i got it to 100% completion, finally.