Fastest turismo time.

  • what is your fastest turismo time?

    My fastest time was 176 in a police car but i think i could do better because i crashed a few times.

    And if you done a faster time than mine tell me what car you used so i can try it out. :thumbsup:
  • Did it in 159 in a Cheetah, the message at the end said 'Incredible time'.
  • Hi, i'm sorry to ask this here, but.
  • You must drive through all the checkpoints as fas as you can. You must come in first under 200 seconds. There will be a red dot where you must drive through the next checkpoint on your map.

    If you dont understand the game read the reveiw for it on this site. duh!
  • Hi,
    thanks, i already pass that mission. i haven't notice that the bubles showed in the radar.
  • 150 Seconds with the Banshee Second Try.
  • 176 in a Patriot.
  • i got 156 when i used a banshee.
  • i got 156 with a banshee
  • :2devilish: 154 in a Banshee, I would like to brag but it was dumb luck! :thumbsup:
  • 169 in the banishee
  • I got 188 in the banshee, but I would like to try it again.
  • Baron - you should be able to take the mission as many times as you want as long as you've finished all of the El Burro missions (the last one being 'Big 'n' Veiny). At any point go back down to the phone in Diablo turf and it should be ringing - answering it will start you on the Turismo mission again (even if you've already completed it once).

    It did for me anyway!

    The only problem with re-doing the mission is that if you attempt it after you have got access to Staunton (after the last mafia mission 'Last Requests', the one where you get set up and Maria pages you), you will have the Mafia all over you everytime you attempt to drive through St Marks - with their shotguns they can waste your car quickly and i've lost count of the amount of times i've been killed trying to do Turismo the first time around (i had moved to Staunton before completing Turismo).

    Completing it in a faster time doesn't affect anything in the game - it just means you've completed it in a faster time (no extra goodies unfortunately). Once i'd completed it once - i was very glad to see the back of it!
  • That explains it... I havent completed Big n' Veiny yet... That is the only one I have left.
  • 150 sec using the bullet proof hummer.because the dudes with the black suites try to blow me up so i just used the hummer to get by them : ). ps. how do you guys fly so long in the dodo and where.
  • 153 in a banshee with a couple of crashes.
    I think its possible to break 140 maybe even reach 130 must try after games complete.
  • I got 145 by using the banshee. my second try. I have no clue how i did it i just spead by everything. :2silly:
  • I don't know if I'm wright, but I think I got 140...but I was really lucky that time...only crashed once, I couldn't even believe it!!!! :ph34r: