• I have had this one available for a while, but never quite made it...####es me right off, I choose a fast car, a cheetah, banshee, or yakuza stinger....but cannot seem to do it.

    I keep up for a while, then end up getting caught up in carnage bouncing off walls and trashing my (fragile) sports car!

    I usually have to abandon my flaming sports car and grab a passing car to finish the race by which point the other cars are long gone!

    Is there a tip someone can offer me, cause this is getting to me now, I know the simpl eanswer is ... go fast ... and don't hit anything but I am surely missing something to make this mission a little bit easier!

  • Hey Shady, Yea i used the banshee I passed out of sheer luck.
  • sorry posted twice, can someone fix? thanks.
  • yeah the banshee and the infernus and the cheetah do blow up fast but i dont use those cras i use a cop car there fast and they last pretty long try usining one of those and see if you win. anywayz i did the same thing i did the turismo mission and evry time i did with a banshee then iu tried a cop car and i won and ive been using that car ever since good luck :2devilish:
  • i think using the taxi is the best for this mission, its got good handling, thats pretty much all u need for the race, the other races drive all over the place, so go at a good pace but use the handling to ur advantage.
  • [b]I used one of the black Mafia Cars and kicked their asses.
  • here's a thought, i haven't actually tried it (yet), but the timer doesn't start until you stop in the blue circle right?
    and the other cars are already there?
  • [b]Or you can try to steal one of the cars before the race.
  • which city is that mission in? :wave:
  • the Turismo road race is in the first isalnd portland.
  • [b]El Burro will call you on a telephone.
  • oops, got confused and thought you were talking about the race in the second island.
  • there's a
  • I did Turismo in a Banshee, but found the Cheetah the best. Remember the harder you press the X button the faster youre go. Its not hard to get in front of the other cars cos they keep crashing on the way. Once youre ahead of them just concentrate on the route , dont be tempted to put your foot down on dodgey roads just keep cool - ease off the accelerater when making tight turns. As others have mentioned they have done it in a cop car or taxi - thats cos its not smooth sailing for computer cars either. Good Luck !!
  • grab any car of your choice when you have the uzi and race around the track taking out the other racers by holding down either R2 or L2 and pressing circle, this will make the race a lot easier for you to complete.
  • If you try to blow up the cars before the mission it won't work (they are explosion proof), there doors are locked, and if you do the blow up all cars cheat the mission fails.
  • put in L1R1L2R2L1L1 trianangle squre circle triangile L1L2
  • And what does that code make happen wesker? If it's the blow up all cars then don't do it before the actual mission, not sure about in the mission though.