Can't get PS3 Online
  • Hi, could you please help me out, I can't get my PS3 online for some reason. I have a wired connection and my modem is a Motorola SURfboard SB4200. When I do a connection test it says

    Obtain Ip Address: Succeeded
    Internet Connection: Failed

    An error occured during communication with the server. This is a DNS Error. (80710102)

    I've already updated my PS3 and I've tried things like resetting the modem by disconnectiong it for a few minutes and plugging it back in and swapping my primary and secondary DNS servers around.
  • This should be a simple matter of unplugging and re-plug in the modem- if it was connected to your computer when you switched things around your ISP may still be thinking your computer is online and that IP address is still in use. By power cycling the modem it will let go of that and free things up for the PS3.
  • hi thanks for the help I performed a power cycle and it works fine now. I am using it right now. Could tell me if it is possible to have the ps3 and the computer connected to the inernet at the same time with a wired connection, if so, how? Thanks again.
  • Yes it is- you just need to get yourself a router to share the connection. The feed from the modem would go into one plug in the back of the router and ethernet cables would then go from the back of the router to your PS3 and PC.

    Going by experience both on my own setup and helping others get routers set up correctly I would recommend either the Linksys or D-Link brands.