Hitting the bank in portland
  • Well I am on this mission from joey were I take these guys to a bank and rob the place then before I know it I have three stars and I got a whole city of cops on me....how do I beat it...I cant take them to the hidepout causeit says you cant go there unless all stars are gone and now cops are on you....can you help??

  • DL, all you need to do before you do that mission is do the police vigilanty missions until you get 2 stars at your hideout or you should drive around the island looking for stars before the mission and memorise where they are so when it comes to the mission you know where to o to knock down the stars.
  • That's good advice from ER. Getting the police bribes (the stars) in your hideout as soon as possible (by completing vigilante missions) always makes your life a bit easier.

    Also, if you are parked so that the bank is to your left, the alleyway directly opposite has a star in it. Just hit the gas as soon as the guys get back in the car, pick it up and make your way back to your hideout to get the 2 stars there (you can only earn a maximum of 2 stars per map). The place where you drop the guys off is only just around the corner from your hideout, so you should be able to complete this mission in around a minute after leaving the bank without too much trouble.

  • The way I did this mission was to head straight from the bank to the Pay and Spray... This eliminated my stars.
  • pay and spray work for me as well :2silly:
  • Hummmmm, pay and spray?
    I'll have to try that! I almost make it everytime then get busted
  • pay and spray is great :2silly:
  • Yeaa i sugest using a hummer(patroit) and getting it resprayed when the cops ome after u.