I was wondering....
  • is there any more side missions ive done the one with conch in portland with the telelphone? i was wondering are there anymore? i was wondering this because i have 63 missions done and ten more to go i guess i still have to do the ones with police cars and the fire truck and the ambulance. if you have any info on where anymore could be tell me ???
  • have you done el burro, king courtney, and d-ice? what about the off-road missions? And have you done the Toyz?
  • Also u have to do those missions like Gripped and Patroit playground. U have to finnish all the telphone missions that appear on ur radar and u have to finish the missions in the TOYZ trucks. Taxi, Police, Fire, and Ambulance mission dount count on the missions completed section on ur stats menu.

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  • Somebody please help, this is driving me nuts.
  • Dolby, you should have started a new topic on this, you would get better results and more answers but I know the exact answer to your question. No I have not run into this little glitch in the game(the use of the word little is a big understatement) but many a person I know has. Try saving your game into different folders and then reopening it from each folder. usually this glitch happens once in your first 3 files or so so try that :thumbsup:
  • There are many explanations to the mysterious disappearing purple nines. For my money the best explanation for this, given that it only occurs during your second ( and subsequent) play of the game, is that it relates to your existing saves. You're not going to like the solution unfortunately. I'm afraid you have to wipe all your GTA3 saves and start again there's no way to get the 9's back. You can mess about swapping between memory cards or constantly reload - which sometimes brings a few 9's back, but even when you do that, when you shoot them (uzi rider) the kills don't register.

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  • Thanks dude.
  • You may have to do what gideon said but you should keep going on :2spin: