• i have snuck my way to the last city nd got a pane an i dont know how to get i a big plane all i can do is fly alittle one.and that dont work out so god so please help thanks :thumbsup:
  • all you can get is the little dodo ..... it doesnt fly well but aj i think wrote a nice little tutorial for flying check it out hope to help :2silly:
  • its not that hard to fly go and check ot my other post and see how ok
  • the plane won't stay up unless you're completely level.
  • what plane are you talking about? we can fly a plane in gta3? how please mail me [email]dragonballs72@hotmail.com[/email]
  • i'm sorry to tell you Wasif but i already figured it out.
    you ask where's the plane in gta3 ok do you rember when you drop donnlad love off at the ariport???well the dodo plane is behind the airport
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    ...Anyways, I find it incredibly easy to fly the Dodo. This morning I broke my old record of 107 seconds in the air, and am now the proud owner of a pretty long 157 second flight. If I am trying to break flying records then I usually circle the airport, it is easy to fly around, the winds are not very strong, and there are no buildings or obstacles in the way. The only problem is that there is a jump at the airport which changes to that special slow-motion view, and doesn't changeuntill you hit the floor. That was why my flight came to an end, because I made a crash landing. I could fly for incredible lengths without slow-motion views, buildings aren't that much of a problem once you've learnt to make emergency height over a building immediately infront of you, and when you get the hang of turnig sharp corners without having to barrel roll.

    Here are a few of my tips to flying:

    1) The D-pad is much easier to use than the analogue stick when flying and taking off.
    2) While taking off keep the down button pressed, when sparks start to appear let go of the down button.
    3) While taking off continually tap the down button everytime the Dodo loses a horizontal flight line.
    4)If your plane starts losing altitude, do not, I repeat, do not press up, [B]never/[B] press up, this will take you into a stall and will result in plummeting straight downwards.
    5)Never hold D-pad buttons, just give them gentle taps. But do always hold the X button.

    These are a few basic tricks to learn on the take-off and flying of the Dodo, although if you scout around on the internet, you will come across incredibly detailed flight guides, and watch out if you are trying to make a proffessional landing, keep the nose up, and keep the handbrake pressed. But if you need an emergency landing, just press up and stall out.

    I hope you find my guide useful!