tomb raider anniversary
  • how do you beat the centaur's in level GREECE-TOMB of Tihocan
  • Lock onto one of them and shoot to fill his rage meter. Once this happens it will use a "stone gaze"- put Lara's guns up to avoid being turned to stone. If you do get turned to stone, quickly move the left stick left and right to free yourself. If a centaur kicks you while turned to stone it's an instant kill.

    Once this is done do the same thing again- the second time the bar fills the centaur will charge at you. Use the adrenaline dodge (keep holding L1 to be locked on and hit left or right + the circle button) and shoot him when the red aim marks meet up. This should stun him long enough for you to use the magnet grapple to snag the ring and pull his shield away. Do this to both of the centaurs. best bet is to be directly in front of them but not overly close to do the grapple.

    Now, once both have lost their shield, you can blast them to build up the rage meter and make them do the stone gaze. Stay near a shield when doing this and once it's full pick up the shield and face the centaur. He will be turned to stone instead and you can blast away at him for damage.