PS 1 with LCD TV ?
  • Hi all, I have been trying to get my daughters PS 1 to work with a swisstec 19" LCD TV (built in free view). I have tried scart and RF leads but still no joy. I get the sony screen and "memory card or disc" screen, but when I put a game disc in, the TV shows a no signal message. can anyone help ?
  • Did this PSOne work normally before on another tv or was it recently purchased? If the PSone was just bought used it could be the laser inside is gone out and the machine just isn't reading the disc.

    If the system did work normally before you may need to play with the input selection on the tv- almost sounds like the PSOne's starting to play the game is making the tv switch to an input you aren't hooked up with.
  • Hi, the ps1 worked fine (and still does) on the analog TV
  • what leads are you using?
  • I'v tried both the scart and RF leads that we have always used
  • i know it sounds stupid but have you tried every single av chanel?
  • nothing sounds stupid to me. when you press the AV button with this TV it gives a choice, DVB, TV, SCART, YPBPR, HDMI, or PC-RGB. I tried RF lead with TV and scart with SCART
  • there should be av1 av2 av3 and so on try just pressing the av button several times hopefully should bring up various av chanels also is the lead in the back set to show the playstation some have switches that change to tv then to playstation.
  • no switch on lead, but with disk inserted,click on disc, a screen comes up. on the bottom it has controls like a cassette player.on left 2 columns of words including shuffle, dome, continue etc. on the right numbers 1-20. i can get the game music and, like screen saver images but no game
  •'s reading the audio tracks but can't pick up the actual game data. The problem may be in the disc itself. Take a look at the back side of the disc- do you see any scratches/ dirt on there?
  • no, disc seems fine. tried other discs, same result
  • Well, I'm at a bit of a loss here. There's no reason why this should be happening on that tv but the system works fine on the old analog set. Only other thing I can suggest is pick up some PlayStation component cables and see if it will pick that up normally.
  • ok lyndon,thanks for your help