Waka-gaisha wipeout
  • [b]Can somebody help me with this mission.
  • If you enter the health code when ur car starts to smoke or catch on fire it stops thats how i did it!~!~!~!~! :2silly:
  • My car never even caught flames when I did this mission. And, I have done it 6 times. Once for my friend and the other 5 times on the 5 times I beat the game myself. What you should do if you want to be extra safe is not bump into anything en route to the parkling lot complex or during your ascent up its ramps. Then when you get up to the top, floor it towards kenji. Usually he isn't killed but the limo moves. Sometimes I have plowed through and nailed him, also sometimes the limo as a result of my hit kills him, sometimes I just knock him down and lastly, sometimes I don't even touch him. Regardless of what happens, backup a little bit and floor it towards Kenji again once he is standing up. Another tactic you can use is to sit there and wait for the limo to catch fire from the other Yakuzas firing at you and then you can floor it out of there as the limo will explode, killing everyone around Kenji or at least setting off a chain reaction of explosions with the other Yak Stingers there which would kill Kenji. To sum everything up, the easiest way to do this in my opinion is to go as fast as you can right towards Kenji and hope to kill him. Make sure you don't backup to much in an attempt to rev up and flatten him because the Yakuza bodyguards will light up your car as they did with my friend when he attempted this mission. Well anyways I hope this helped and good luck. I didn't use cheats on this mission but you can fi you want. If you have an UZI, try gunning him down like a drive by if you didn't kill him when running him over. I haven't tried it so I don't know if it works to win the mission or not. Good luck on the mission!
  • [b]I figured out a problem of what I was doing.
  • HEHE! thats smarts
  • I myself did this mission pretty much like dgooden0 did.
    After I jacked the columbian car I raced up the garage to see where kenji was and punched it aiming at kenji... on the third try I nailed him without any problems then I jumped off the roof....
  • I just got passed this one today, I did it by going up the ramp to the right hand side of Kenji and then running him over then I jumped off the side of the building (Warf style) and made a quick get away.
  • I drove from the side furthest from where the men are and took out the shotgun wielding Yakuza first, then I went straight for Kenji.
  • foget about every one els and flore over cuball