Guitar Hero 3 work with Rockband..
  • Hello..
    I have GH3 and would like to buy Rockband for the PS3..
    I went to Futureshop and Bestbuy and was told yes and no that the GH3 Guitar works with Rockband and that it does not work with Rockband..
    Can someone confirm this??Thanks..
    Also I read something about a patch coming out, or is that just hogwash..
  • As much as we would like to say yes, the answer is a definite "no". The Guitar Hero guitars will NOT work with Rock Band.

    As for the patch, don't hold your breath waiting for it. Activision is reportedly blocking the release of that due to wanting to be compensated for the use of the technology. If you do decide to buy Rock band, you'll need to pick up the full kit (unless you go with the game and one of the extra guitars sold separately).
  • Ok thanks for confirming that for me..
    But that really sucks..
    I was just at my buddies house on the weekend and he has Xbox360 and guitar hero 2 , and that guitar works with Rockband360..
    I feel really cheated by this, not your fault I know, I'm just ranting sorry about that..:mad: