Game won't start after installing add-ons
  • I dl'ed and installed a bunch of add-on songs that I bought tonight.

    Then I put the Karaoke Revolution AI Encore PS2 disc in and the screen goes black and nothing happens after waiting a few minutes. Have to shut it off manually with the switch. Tried playing other ps2 games and they wouldn't work but my ps3 games did.

    After a couple manual restarts, the game started but none of the add-ons were there. Then after restars, game wouldn't load again.
  • I just had it shut off for a while and flipped the switch with a ps2 disc in. Went to start game and nothing.
  • Those add-on songs for Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore are just for the PlayStation 3 version of the game- they will not work for the PS2 version.

    When you say "flipped the switch" you mean you were shutting down the system with the back switch? That may have accidentaly damaged your PS3. The back switch is not needed to shut down the PS3, it's good enough to just put it in stand by mode using the controller. If you were shutting off the switch without going into standby first, after enough times it's possible the surges of power may have damaged something.

    If the system is still not working you may have to contact Sony.
  • I checked the Playstation Store and it doesn't indicate that they are only for the PS3 version. Since the PS2 version is compatible with the PS3 that's what I got since the PS3 version was being released later than the PS2 version.

    The PS3 would not shut down using the controller button. I would press it and hold it like you're supposed to do and nothing would happen. That is why I used the back switch.

    Can you give me any links to PS3 overheating issues? Thanks for the help.

    I read something that PS3 can access Xbox Live and download 140 songs for the game. If that is true, how do I do that?
  • I realize they don't say that but that is how it is- none of the stuff on the PlayStation Store is for the PS2, just the PS3 and PSP. Wherever you read that bit about XBox Live is full of it, btw- it's just not possible.

    Seems odd the controller would do nothing unless it somehow got de-synced from the PS3. Maybe you should try connecting the controller with the USB cable and try it then.

    As for where to look regarding overheating issues, you could try the official Sony site- just go to the Support section and search for "overheating" in the knowledge base.
  • Thanks. After I downloaded and installed the songs and started the PS2 formatted disc, the screen goes black and nothing comes on. I pressed the controller button and nothing would happen. I thought maybe it reverted back to the non-hdmi settings but it didn't. I'll try plugging in its usb cord. It's been off since last night.
  • Hey, I wanted you to know that my wife unplugged the ethernet cable and the PS2 games work now. I don't know what that means but maybe you do.
  • The system may have had a bit of "brain freeze" and pulling the cord for a bit may have freed things up. art of it may have been a loose connection as well.