Doing a job for ray
  • can somone please tell me how to do the witness protection mission for ray.
  • Just toss a grenade through the window. It can take while before you get it right :thumbsup:

    A tip is also to block the escape-route which is beside the house you just blew up. :idea:

    Have a fast car ready to follow if the object manage to escape and prepare to dodge some bullets :0
  • Aiming grenades is easier if you get used to looking in first person view (right anolog stick) and throwing from that view. I find just below centre screen is where they end up. Also a good way to accuratly lob them over and off things, better than the pressure sensitivity just always throw max strength and change the arc by looking up or straight in first person view. Chasing buddy down after burning the apartment is fun.
  • I am sure most of you have done this now, but I seem to have done it differently, I did not block the escape route, but the garage, with about 4 cars from the street. as soon as you blow up the apartment, turn and throw grenades at the garage, the grenade will quickly wax the two cops, and the domino effect of exploding cars and a burning blockade will kill the target car before it even gets out of the garage....

    ...... efficiency is simplicity in my opinion. Keep it quick and neat.....seeya!

  • just shoot a rocket aat the window thats how i did it and when he come out shoot a rocket at him or the car and he'll eventually die. although i did tyr throwing gernades in the window it took me a long time.