Help on ray's mission to airport!
  • Ray needs to get ot the airport because the cops are looking for him. They are garding the bridges to the airport heavily . I need to find another way there. I found the under ground highway. But I can never seem to get there fast enough. Can you help me on this one? ???

  • what i did was find the shortets rout to that under ground tunnel and then get some thing like a cop car and honk the horn like alot and the siren will come on then the drivers will move out of the way this works with a ambulance too
  • If you're brave enough, get 6 stars and get the Rhino tank,
    use it to do this mission, in this tank u can go over the bridge, the patrols guarding the bridge will be powerless to stop you.... You'll pass this mission with more than enough time to spare....

    If you're too scared to get 6 up to 6 stars then try my other method: Go through the subway.... Yes u can....!
  • What I did was get a banshee and pick up ray. Then I took him into the subway with my car. In the subway i drove on the left side where there is no train and I got off at the airport. Its very simple you just need to know where the subway is. :thumbsup:
  • get the tank and get him in it and just drive right past the cops n stuff i know that they shoot at you in regular car or if you past by them at all if you use the tank you will have no problem completing that mission belive me i got stuck on that one too!!!!