Final Fantasy XII, PS2 won't read but will read newer games.
  • So, been having some issues with FFXII, and at first I thought it was either a bad PS2 or bad Laser or something.

    But then, I also have other games that work just fine, such as Final Fantasy 10. So I thought it could be that I have an outdated PS2 or something, however, I ALSO have newer games that work just fine as well, such as Wild Arms 5.

    I really doubt it's the game itself, considering it's new and fresh out of the package (well not fresh out of the package, but I bought it a couple months ago). Now, I've had this game for just a little bit, but I've had final fantasy 10 for years, and final fantasy ten never skimps on loading, but FF12 seems to always say "Disc read error." The disc itself is in near mint condition (used but absolutely no scratches, scuffs, fingerprints, etc).

    Maybe it's the S-Force they put in it? Or maybe my PS2 needs cleaning, but I'm not sure. Anybody else have this problem, or a similar one, or even just know what to do to rectify this situation? Note, I have gotten this game to work before, for hours on end even. But 9 times out of ten, I have to constantly reload the CD to get it to work.