• i need help on the mission where u take 8ball to the colombian cartel boat.
  • I got this on
  • Shady's tip is the right one. I did it exactly as he stated, I took a big truck and parked it so 8 ball would have to go around it, thus it will take him longer to get to the ship and give you more time to pull off the shots. :2devilish:
  • i did it exactly like the other guys said, but first toss a grenade in between the two guys at the bottom of the ramp. You can save
  • Here's a very easy way to complete this mission.

    First the sniping spot - when you drop 8ball off, head right and you'll come to some steps, go up them, get on the roof and move left to the edge (so you're as close to the ship as possible). From here you can see everything clearly.

    here's the tip - before going up the stairs - carry on past them and run to the front of the docks where there are a load of small cabins. In between 2 of the cabins is an adrenalin pill. Take this (do not get into a vehicle to drive to the steps otherwise its effects will be cancelled). Run back to the steps - get in your snipers position and proceed to take all the dudes out with no problem. I've done it this way and by the time 8 ball even reaches the steps to the ship - you've already taken out all the bad guys. Its just a stroll in the park if you do it this way - no problem.
  • I have a totally different approach. I say screw delaying 8ball and screw the adrenaline pill cause it makes me aim worse. I say, launch a few quick rockets at them
  • I was having problems with this mission until I took Gideon's
    advice about using the adrenalin pill.
    I had more time then I needed to take out the columbians before 8ball got to far on the ship!

    Great tip Gideon!!
    Thanks! :2devilish: