Timed surveillance mission
  • as part of the mission to kill all the surveillance guys, I can complete it except for the snipers on the roof. I kill all but their is still one blue arrow pointing down, but no sniper.
  • where about is the blue arrow.
  • I had the same problem Scouser, you have to kill him from the casino room not the ground.

    It is good to shoot them from the ground becasue they cannot hit you back, but you have to run up to the roof, all the way to the helicopter and snipe the last guy.
  • Shady's right - you need to get to the roof to be able to get them all. Whether you stay on the ground for the first few kills should depend on how much time you have left. Personally, as soon as I get to the casino, i don't even bother shooting from the ground. I head up the stairs, but not just up to the first level - you need to be on the roof with the helicopter otherwise you still won't be able to get all of them. Shooting from the roof gives you a much better vantage point and enables you to target much more of their bodies (no more ducking down out of view wasting time).

    Note that you will take at least a couple of hits (so make sure you've got your armor topped up before doing the mission), but nothing you have to worry about too much. Just stay still and concentrate on being accurate with your shots (its much quicker than trying to dodge the bullets as well).

    If you need armor then there's some near Asuka's place. Head right from Asuka's condo past the first lot of trailers and continue to the second lot (you have to drive your car through a real narrow turn to get to them) and there's some armor between 2 of the trailers on the far side.

    Keep calm with this mission and its a piece of cake