• i have some questions about the lighthouse out on the island over by salvatores place. does it serve a purpose or is it there for looks anybody found anythig usful out there. :2silly:
  • actually i dont know i have tried to jump off the cliff with a banshee to get to it see if it just was there or you could actually land on it other than that i dont know!! p.s. if you want to get to it try using the low gravity code to get to it! :grin1:
  • have you made it over there yet?? :2silly:
  • no i have never landed on it:)
  • I havent tried it, but another option might me to take the speed boat around.
  • yes i have u can get out but it won't let u get to the top where lighhouse is
    u just get out on the side and it won't let u climb up to where the lighthouse is on top :(
  • if it's possible to get to the lighthouse without codes, you'd probably need the Dodo and just manage to crash into the lighthouse and drop onto it.
  • The only thing that i
  • You can get on the lighthouse island I have done it once. Here's what I did, I got a speed boat from Asuka's deove it around to the lighthouse( the side facing Salvatore's gentalmens club) and dr5ove way out in the ocean, tuned around , drove twords the lighthouse hit the island flew up in the air got out of the boat and jumped onto the island .....but I fell off because I ran up to it too fast. and no I'm not bluffing.