What are the stars for?
  • Sometimes I pick them up when driving over them & sometimes not.
    What the heck do they do!? :erm:
  • :2devilish: Those stars, decrease your wanted level. the stars that appear when the PO-PO is after ya, if ya can, remember where these are at, when the cops are on your butt, you can pick up one of those babies and take some heat off of ya. :thumbsup:
  • Like what Devilchild said,
    The stars are to get the cops off your @ss. But you do need to remember where they are!
    And the others floating around are the hearts and they are for your health.
    The armor sheild is like health and it will protect you first before you will need the health.

    There is a couple of others but they do tell you what to do if you walk threw them!

    Hope this helps you out some!
  • Thanx for the help guys.
    I figured out what the stars were for when I had to ditch the cops after the bank heist. I think that's my fav. mission so far. :cool:
    I haven't run across a sheild one yet. Are they on Portland or the other islands?
  • They're on all islands and if you do Vigilante missions you get them at your hideout but you have to do 30-50 per island to get all 6