Lego Star Wars PS2 - Control problem
  • I know nothing about Playstations but my two little boys aged 5 and 7 have been playing on the Star Wars game for many weeks. In the past two days however we have lost the use of one of the controls and no matter what we press we can't get it to start. (and yes we have pushed in all the plugs etc). Any thoughts?

    The idea was for them to both play alongside one another and now we are getting arguments about who plays with the one working control.

    The PS was second hand. Is it possible for a control to just stop working completely?

    Please help a frustrated technically challenged mum. Thank you.
  • It is very much possible that the second controller port (where it plugs into) may have something go wrong with it and making the system not "see" the controller there.

    Considering you say you bought it second-hand I'm pretty sure you are out of any warranty period given by the seller by now. I would suggest checking around locally to see if any place would be able to have a look and possibly fix it. While you could contact Sony's tech support to ask them about getting it fixed you would be paying them a charge for the repair (they would tell you how much over the phone, not sure what their rate is currently). If you can't find a local repair service you may have no choice but to call Sony.