Are there missions after the turismo missions?
  • are threre any after it because i race and race but i dont go to the next mission or is there no misson after that? i just want to know.
  • Dude, if you have completed all the El Burro missions (the last one being Big 'n' Veiny) then every time you go to the El Burro phone it will be ringing. If you pick up you will be given the Turismo mission again.

    I'm afraid you've been living in Groundhog Day - there is only one turismo mission. The reason why you get access to it more than once is so that you can try to improve your time. Unfortunately a faster time has no influence on your game score (%), the only thing that counts is that you beat it once (no matter what the time).

    Its time to move on dude, its time to move on!
  • then why is it that it shows up on the radar as a phone booth mission thingy shouldnt it go away or something? ???
  • No - like i said, its just so you can try and improve your time.


    Its the same with the checkpoint Yardie mission in Staunton and the mission in Shoreside where you have to get the car bomb diffused and return it.