Sony continuous play
  • I'm just wondering if anybody is paying for the Sony continuous play other than myself?
    normally i would by an extended warranty when purchasing items of this value but because i was in a rush to get one (nothing new there) i bought it from a super market so i only got a years warranty with it,the thing with this continuous play is that they don't come and fix it they send a refurbished one,now when Ive payed top dollar for my console if anything goes wrong with it i would really prefer to get it fixed than have it replaced with something that some one has already used (second hand) so then what is the alternative? do i keep paying my monthly fee or do i just wait and if anything happens to it find somewhere to get it fixed :rolleyes:
  • I noticed that on the UK PlayStation site during one of my searches for an answer for someone- they don't offer this extended service in North America.

    Refurbished units are just as good, really- they have had everything replaced to make it just like brand new. If the price is reasonable then it's not a bad idea to have. The alternative is paying Sony a lump sum for the repair job (not sure what it would be there but in North America it's about $150 US) if it does break down out of warranty or shelling out another several hundred quid for a new unit.
  • I would suggest going down to your local game store. My mates console broke and he took it to his local gamestation and they fixed it for him for no charge! They could just be nice people, but i'm sure most game stores would offer that kind of service....:)
  • that would save me some coin,thanks for that robcoxy ;)
  • gamestation aswell i only trust those 2 and theres 2 of each in preston
  • steelcitysurfer said:
    that would save me some coin,thanks for that robcoxy ;)

    No worries.......:)