final fantsay VIII
  • Is there a way to get leviathan if you didn't draw him from Norg? I've restarted my game several times but when I get to the galbadia missile base it won't let me in the the missile launcher room. I tried using the game shark code walk through walls but when I used that it made the missile you're supposed to help shove over be put in place and I can't get any farther. I tried downloading a a saved game file but I can't open it. It's a file extention that ends in .gme. I have a game saved from disc 2 in the Dicht's house.
  • Unfortunately, that is the only way to get Leviathan.

    Those game saves you found were "zipped" using things like the action replay max, another cheat device. You would need that to make use of those files.

    Afraid all I can suggest is start again and remember to draw Leviathan when you get to that point in the game.
  • You can draw him from Trauma in Ultimecia castle, but that's probably too late for him to be any use