Need help with s.a.m. mission
  • need some help with s.a.m. mission what boat to use
  • simple when you start the mission go to the red square on the radar!!!! Have fun!!
  • DL's right pfood... take the boat out to where the red dot is and wait for the plane to fly over.
    But be ready with the bazooka to shoot the plane down...
    Good luck! :thumbsup:
  • i found this mission what i did was i went to that little island and i saw thease blue cars and those ppl so i shot them and ran on up to the top of that little runway and i waited for the plane and i shot it got all the stuff and got back in the boat and went back and that's all
  • I took the boat and stayed in it but i waited a while till the plane got really close to shoot it so i wouldn't waste all my amo!~!~!~!~! :2silly:
  • The answer to your original question was answered by DL so I'll just give you a little more info to add onto what the others have said. When you get to the boat, drive it to the next dot that appears once you are in the boat. Drive to the left corner of the base of the runway because there is a Colombian guarding the speeder that is docked on the right side of the base of the runway. (Sidenote:It's much easier to do this mission during the day)Then run up quite a ways but far enough way so that the Colombians that are standing on the runway itself don't shoot you. Then use your sniper rifle to take them all down. Quickly run onto the runway and make sure you have enough rocket launcher shots because I find the part where you ave to shoot the plane down is the most difficult. If it is coming in, shoot right at it and then shoot in front of it and hope that the rocket meets it's target. hope this helped and good luck!