How to cheat without cheats!
  • You guys probably already know this, you can get unlimited ammo for any weapon you find outside your garage by picking it up then going to save game and then cancel. When you come back out you'll notice the weapons are there again - carry on doing this until it reaches all 9's and you'll get unlimited ammo for that weapon!!

    This trick is can be used for the stars as well (outside the garage). I earned 2 stars (from Vigilante missions) and then decided to cause mayhem not too far from the save point. Managed to get 5 wanted stars and ran back to garage picked up the stars (leaving 3 wanted stars) and then went to save point and cancelled went outside to find another 2 stars waiting for me!

    By the way you can get 6 cars in the garage at Staunton Island.
  • By the way you can get 6 cars in the garage at Staunton Island.[/b]

    [b]How can you do that.
  • The garages are very temperamental things (that
  • Jack cars upon demand - storing them is never 100%[/b]

    [b]Spoken like a true pro Gideon
  • Don't put plice cars in your garage, all of your others cars will be gone.
  • [b][i]Yes, I too have experienced the disappearing car act many times.
  • 6 cars in the garage on Staunton Island?
  • Don't put plice cars in your garage, all of your others cars will be gone.[/b]

    [i]Are you sure about that?? I have a FBI car and a police car along with banchee and have not had any problems yet.... knock on wood
  • Ok, let me explain how i got 6 cars in the garage.

    First of all - park the first 2 cars a close as possible (but not touching) at bottom of the garage. Now if you attempt to park any more the garage doors wont open, that is true.

    This is what i did:

    Drive up to the garage doors at an angle (front left/right bumper touching garage door). Now when you get out of the car you will be close enough for the garage doors to open; as soon as it starts opening - turn around and get back in the car and drive quickly in. Its that simple.

    The tricky part is getting the garage door to close (so that you can save them) once youve walked out. Park the cars neatly facing forward into garage but NOT touching each other - when you walk out the garage the doors should close. It worth knowing that you can move the cars yourself by just moving against them if you want make space or get into the car.

    I had a Cheetah, Infernus, Banshee, Stinger, Cop car, and an Ice cream van all in one garage. But of course this GTA3 and after around the 5th save some b*stard will nick them!

    ps thanks for extra tips Gideon, and no - i did not know all that.
  • tanner - i can't seem to earn unlimited ammo with your tip above!!
  • Blackbox you are doing everything right except picking up the ammo outside the garage.

    You should find 9mm ammo (others such as Uzi ammo - if you've earned it) - pick it up , go into save area, do not save but cancel. When you walk out the save area the ammo is replaced -
  • Dont foget to save when you have finished collecting the ammo !!
  • all sorted out, thanks Tanner.
  • [quote]speaking of which...did anyone know you can blow up the same car over and over?
  • Thanks for the garage info tanner I used It well, now i have three FBI cars and It was hard getting this big tank in but I just managed it. Now I always have a spare FBI car in the garage because it is stuck behind my tank heh heh!!!
  • Glad to hear my trick has helped you out Zigmeister. Well done for getting the tank in !!
  • Thanks for that compliment there although when I try the unlimited ammo thingamebob it doesn't want to work, can you tell me why?