Require help !!!!
  • Hi guys !!

    I just recently downloaded a game from a website & i copied it to my memory card \PSP\GAME , the problem is my psp wont play the game which is stored in the card. The downloaded file was zipped when i unzipp it i get two folders PSP_GAME & UMD_DATA.BIN. Just wanted to know if i should upgrade my firmware to any custom firmware or is there anything else i should do. I have a psp slim running on official firmware v3.93. pls help....
  • Was this game downloaded from the actual PSP PlayStation Store? If so it should have installed itself automatically- when buying from there you should have your PSP attached and in USB mode. The transfer software they have you download/ install on the PC when you visit the first time takes care of the rest.
  • Hi Lnydon,

    Thank u for ur reply . The game was not downloaded from playstation store. I got it from a website where u can download full games for free. I think i wont be able to play this on my psp, anyways thanx for the support. I have an another question when i open you tube in my psp internet browser i m not able to view the videos on screen....,pls help !!!!!
  • That's what i thought but I didn't say anything at first- we here at API are completely against the use of pirated games such as this. If you want to play the games, be willing to support the industry and buy them. That way the companies can get the funding to make more games.

    As for Youtube, the problem is in the PSP's browser not having good enough Flash support to show the videos- nothing you can do about this.
  • Hi Lyndon,

    My psp freezes when playing games from UMD discs & when surfing the net what could be the reason.....
  • what about your games?
  • Earlier in this thread you asked about custom firmware- do you have this on your system now? That could be the cause if so and you may want to go back to the legit firmware (Sony just released the latest version yesterday).
  • Hi Lyndon,
    thanx for the update . During the installation of the new version v3.95 it was almost complete but then when the installation was at 92% i had a message saying " The update failed. Contact technical support for assistance (FFFFFFFFE)" .......any suggestions !!!
  • You may have just lost connection while trying to download the new firmware, thats if you were downloading via internet that is. Try again and see if it does the same...