Tourismo race help! Or Take out laundry!
  • In the tourismo job its to hard because after 2min the race is over. i need to find a faster car.

    And in the take out the laubdry one. I cant seem to get the trucks to blow up or stop. And its to hard to throw a grenade in there. Can you give me any tips?
  • For the race one, you can steal one of the diablos rides, they should manage well for the race.. and the other racers seem to like taking each other out, so take that to your advantage.

    For the laundry one.. real easy, DONT slam into the car, otherwise they will go through red lights.. just park in front of em and simply steal the cars, you can figure out how to get rid of em after that :)
  • Thanks so much! Dwa, ive been doing police work, taxi driving, saving people with the ambulance, and putting out fires with the fire truck, waiting for some on to reply.

    Oh, as I was waiting I was playing and I see this van that has a toy compuny logo on the side of it. SO I get in and there was a mission to kill 10? no 8? oh I forget, well anyways, kill mofia guys with rc-racer bombs! That one was really fun!

    I love this game so much. You cant even imagen! :happy1:
  • There is a Banshee car hidden a garage/showroom by the petrol station over by the firestation.

    That is pretty quick. Alternativley wait until you get over to Staunton Island and pick up a Yakuza Stinger or a Cheetar which are faster still and easier to control.

    Still a tough mission though.
  • I went for a van on the turismo won't have to change vehicles as vans are pretty sturdy, this mission is really all about ignoring the other racers and knowing the quickest route through the checkpoints
    For the triad trucks, the best way is certainly to make sure you don't bump them, but, as suggested earlier, stop in front of them, lob a grenade under the engine, and run your thuggish legs off!
  • Turismo Go to the New/used car dealership betwean the gas station and 8-balls garage break the glass and grab the banshee ( Corvette or somthing) I did the turismo in 150 sec.
  • EvilAaron or anyone - How do you manage to break the glass ? I drive into it with other cars and I have thrown mulotov's at it and it seems unbreakable so I left it.
  • Shagger you cant break the glass? The glass is preety weak. You should try shooting it with a shot gun. Or ram it really hard with your car.
    i have no idea why it wont break for you. Mabey you are thnking of a diffrent area in the game.
  • I think it is the same place, there by 8-Ball. I will try giving the glass a blast with my shotgun. Although I did mannage to win the race with the convertable you see riding around, not shure what car it is but after playing GT3 for a while the race is pretty easy.
  • hey go with a truck if you watch the race the truck comes out on top i dont know why but it works its is not that fast but if you want speed go with faster cars :cool:
  • You got it wrong, don't even bother to try to shoot the glass....
  • I finally beat it using a cop car.
  • RE: the banshee in the showroom (by 8 ball's fit a bomb place) any vehicle will easily smash the window's - and there's a couple of rides in the foreground even if you're on foot when you get there. Also if you're standing outside the room with the car (facing towards the front windows), to the NW there's a tunnel - if you go down the tunnel, you'll see 4 wino's, 3 of which if you kill them will give you