What are the stars for?
  • There are some locations where there's what looks like a police badge inside of one of those blue circles that all the other powerup items (like health, pills, etc.) are in.
  • They are called Police Bribes....
    When you have wanted levels these stars when collected will decrease your wanted meter....
  • Oh, I see.
  • Yeah, when your wanted level is up you can just drive over the police bribe and it will take a wanted level down. I think this is the only item you can pick up while driving your car in the game.
  • Do 15 (I think) vigilante missions and they leave one at you hideout, how nice.
  • thats your wanted level
  • There is another item that looks alike that one. It gives you a shield (like if you had an armor) of 100 points. This means you have those points to whare out on receiveng all kind of hits untill your life starts decreasing...I don't quite remember the symbol though... :rolleyes: