My light green bullet proof hummer!
  • I a mission and at the end you get a bullet proof hummer. I saved it in my garage in staunton island and after some missions that I passed with it, it was still there, but then when I went to load it today I went and opened my garage it wasnt there!!!!!!! I loaded it agian hoping it was a glitch but it wasnt! It still dissapered! Can some one help me. Can you get that car again?
  • happened to me to...
    i've lost a tank,a hummer and a buggi.
    i guess there's nothing to do(some kind of bug).
    if you want a hummer there are places you can allways find one, in "portland" and "shore vale".

    p.s for future use try to save game in different "save slots", so you can go back in time.
    But yeah I did save it on another slot but it i like 10 missions back from where i am.
    oh well.