Easy way to get police vehicles
  • I have found that if you stand in a pay and spray and shoot people the cops wont come n and get you. When you get your stars up go to a pay and spray get out of your car and shoot the occasional cop that walks by. When you are tired of waiting get in your car get it sprayed and then walk outside and get the police car, tank ,barracks ol,swat truck, fbi car of your choice.
  • hey man.
    Thank u sooooo much for the help!! That helped me complete a part I neede help on. I can't thank u enough.
  • Or you could always just put in r2 r2 l1 r2 up down up down up down up down - im not sure if its that many up and downs but it will work.
  • yeah when im trying to get some cops quickj i use the old cheat but i restated the game using no cheats to see if i missed anything
  • I have found that if you try to jack a cop car, before he gets out just run around to the passeger side and just jump in.
    The cop will just stand there and let you do it... But as for stars... you will only get one and if you just drive around normally the star will fall off after a few minutes... but don't get two of them
  • or you could just go run and try ot jack the passenger side when the cops get out just hti the pasenger door again. :2silly: