• Does anyone have any tips for the rampage mission in Portland where you have to kill 20 mafia with the ak-47??

    I've tried a bunch of times but they always gang up on me and kill me.
  • This is particularly difficult for various reasons, such as not being able to run with the AK and the mafia dudes packing shotguns which really hurt. As i remember, this one is up by Salvatore's mansion, so i kept ducking back along the drive way - if you stay out in the street you can get shot from your left, right and front, whereas if you back up into the drive way, they only come from the front.

    Start off by heading into the street and wasting 2 or 3 mafia dudes until things start to get a little heated, then retreat - a couple may follow, but you can pick them off as they run after you. If you go back into the street when you have wasted the guys who chased you, the street is much clearer again, so just repeat the process. Holding back in the drive way waiting for them to come to you too much usually results in you running out of time, so be careful of this.

    This is how i did it (if i remember correctly), but it took me a few attempts, so just stick with it and you'll get there in the end

  • thanks i havent been able to get that one finished either
  • that one wasnt that hard of a mission but thats some good tips if you ask me!! thnx