• I got A new game and i was updating the software and wen it was updating it turned off and nw wen i turn it on it only shows a black screen and no buttons works and it turns of 20 seconds later

    how can i fix it

    (i may have posted this before i just dont know if it workd)
  • Your thread title says it all. Unfortunately your PSP has become "bricked" due to the PSP shutting down while in the middle of writing the new firmware to the components inside. This is why Sony says to have the ac adapter/ charger plugged in to the PSP every time you do a firmware update.

    The only thing that you ca do now is contact Sony and ask them about repair/ replacement of the PSP. If it is under a year old and you have the receipt you will be covered under warranty and this will be done at no charge.

    As for your other post, it did work- the Customer Service area is set up to have new threads be invisible until approved by a staff member (we occasionally get some spammers in there so it avoids them being seen by everyone).
  • oh i haved it since christmas 2006 do u think it will is still under warranty probarly not
  • nope, 12 months unless paid for extended warranty