They say there is another world?
  • some poeple say that there is another place beyond the isalnds like if you fly far enough in a plane you can fly to disney world or something is this true or are they lying? ;)
  • According to accounts (not just your average BS'ers) there is a 'ghost town' you can fly over
  • Gideon where is this so called ghosts town? ???
  • you have to fly beyond ssv but you can't land on it or you fall through. it's the place where the opening scene of the game was made
  • I doubt that you can go to another world or something because of the dodos cliped wings.
  • If u look on the wnat to fly topic i posted some info on the ghost town.
  • :2devilish: I have heard all of these rumors, none of them are true!!! except the ghost town, but that is a glitch. Slap them for Gid, Kick them in the ......shin for DC.
  • Ya I think I have seen my friend go there before. Got no idea how he got there cuz I was in the bathroom and he screamed reallt loud and I ran out and saw him get to this so called " ghost town" he called it.
    have fun and cya around :2silly: !!
  • About this "Ghost Town", if anyone can find sme decent picks for me, P.M. them, please... Im sure as hell never going to make it there :D
  • Ever wonder why there are those two blocked tunnels on those hills in Shoreside Vale? Well this is why. Yep, the "Ghost town" aka the town from the opening scene is there. And this is the bank where it all began. Ok, well i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Thanks, mad.. I was very curious about that... How exactly does one accomplish getting to the ghost town? Via the tunnel? I know you need a plane, but where do you go with it?