• [b]I only need a barracks ol to finish giving all the cars to the crane in portland harbor.
  • wel there is an option where there is a catch you can get one from the army by getting lots of stars they should come along about 5 to 6 stars the catch is that when they come they dont stop basically. the other area where the ol barracks are is a guy in staunton isalnd he sells you guns around the edge of the harbor on the right quite a ways down he has one there and a tank only if you need one.Hope you find one :thumbsup:

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  • [b]Is that near where Asuka Lives?
  • well there is this guy with one arm he sells you stuff for example guns n stuff ther is a mission where you have to protect him he is by the water. check on the second island around he edge of the water around the whole isalnd. you should find it :thumbsup:
  • [b]Thanks I found it.
  • Hummmmmmmm, I havn't done that mission yet.
    I am trying to get a bus to finish the export/ inport mission in portland harbour...... :mad:
  • wworf your still trying to do the import export geeze... thats funny :laugh3: