• Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if my ordinary car hands-free motorola bluetooth headset can be used on COD4. I have found out how to register the device and it is registered OK on my PS3 but when I go on to COD4 online, there is no 'speaker' next to my name so I cant talk to my friends whilst killing them :p

    Do I need to do anything whilst in the game to set my headset up?
    Thanks in advance
  • You may want to go into the Audio Device Settings area of the PS3's Settings menu. In here go into the Input menu and make sure your headset is connected and showing as the default input device. To hear the chat back into the device have it selected as the output default as well.

    You also may want to make sure you have the ports opened up that are needed for voice chat. The ones you need are UDP Ports: 6000 - 7000, 10070 and 50000. TCP port 80 is also listed but that should be open already.
  • yeh its automatic so if dosent initally work probably never will nfortunatley works out cheeper to get war hawk prowned with headset in many shops seem sto be the same prce as a brand new headset on its own.