• Has anyone any information on how to open the garden gate to the north of the garden maze, and what to do in the bathroom with the coloured tiled on the floor. thanks
  • There is a switch in a certain hallway of the house that opens the gate. You get to this hallway by using a weight near a set of armor.

    For the tiles, collect the chairs from the next room and place them on the colored tiles to unlock and open another door.
  • Thanks lyndon: I think we're on different bathrooms this particular one has no
    other doorway than the grate where the lighter coloured tiles are. You arrive in this room through a vent so ther is no way of dragging chairs in.
    ¦ ¦
    ¦ --------
    ¦ vent ¦
    ¦ tile ¦
    The vent in question sends you back to a different location than from where you entered it needing lots of work to get back:
  • What Act is this puzzle in??
  • Hard to say what act it's in as I have all the Lazarus pieces and repaired the Lazarus machine with the screwdriver morph I also have the Cellular Integrator............But opening the garden gate at the north end of the garden maze and the grate at the bathroom with the marked tiles on the floor are alluding me