Wireless network not connecting
  • I have just set up AOL Broaddband. For some reason it wont connect with my ps3 wirelessly. I have 2 laptops all working fine wireless but when i set up the wireless network on the ps3 it doesnt work. It finds the network, i type in the wireless key correctly and then it fails. it says something like unable to obtain access to network. I am currently at work so i can not say what it says exactly. It does say unable to obtain IP address. Any help will be greatly appreicated.
  • Gyardi, you may have to make some adjustments in the router at home to allow the PS3 online- this is done by adding the PS3 to the router's DHCP client list. You will need the PS3's MAC Address for this- it can be found in Settings, System Settings, System Information. You should also put as much information in to the PS3's settings manually as possible (router IP address, subnet mask, DNS servers, etc.). All of that can be found in the router set up.