How do lads and Lasses
  • A few people sent me some psn messages recentley asking why ive been posting and not playing in all honesty ive just been bashing out ninja gaiden sigma. But my pc and ps3 dont run in harmony so if downloading tunes or anything cant be online also ive got about 30 people on my contacts list on psn but never masnage to get a load of people together. I know i sent a message out the other day but sommet came up and got very very drunk. Just got prologue but im gonna start making time for cod4. But yeh thought id better explain.
  • Dont worry mate. You PMd me the other day asking for a game, but i wasnt around at the time which makes me the bad one...;)
    Honestly theres no need to explain, its not like your not making the effort.
  • it has a been a bit quite lately all round i think,ive not seen many people online for a while playing cod4 or anything else for that matter,ive just rainbow six so may give cod4 a miss for a while......we shall see :D
  • cool nice one lads, been looking at rainbow six might have to give it a bash have you played prologue its not to bad
  • Its a good game. Rainbow Six that is.
    I have yet to play GT5:Prologue!...:(
  • whats online on rainbow like just deathmatch central or is it tactical cos that would be class.
  • Its both there are lots of different game modes - both tactical and deathmatches.
  • Hello Sam, been pretty busy myself as of late, managed a game of COD4 briefly with Steel the other day, did get your message but by the time i got on you were gone.

    Not to worry, got GT5 prologue myself, its a bit clinical, not very exciting, and the online racing is a joke, what with penaltied for even looking at an opponents car!!!!!!!!!!! Not impressed.